Announcements and Updates

Jun 13, 2020 :: Payments Info

It's been a hard time for all of us (and still is) with this covid bullshit affecting every business out there. That led to less advertising and less income for this site and for faucets in general.

On top of that, there are a lot of fucking russian botters that generate earnings but don't generate any income, which made it even worse.

And even more, there are a lot of users that block advertising in one way or another, either by using adblocking extension or using that shit brave browser or their browser doesn't allow popups or simply the ads are blocked by their antivirus - all that advertising blocking is making things even worse that they already are.

Each time i ban someone for blocking ads, they immediately reply with "but i have completed shortlink visit".
If you complete a shortlink visit and block even some of their ads, the shortener marks the visit as "ADBLOCK" and pays 0 for it.
So each time your visit is marked as "ADBLOCK" - i get 0 for your visit but you expect to get paid the coins for that shortlink visit.
That is not going to happen - this is not a charity.

All of the above led to the point of me having pending withdrawals of over $1,000 and only half of that in accounts.

This isn't fair to anyone, expecially for the users that are legitimately using a faucet and understand how a faucet works and allows all of its ads and popups. It's not fair for those users to have to wait weeks for their legitimate hard worked coins just because some lame ass users think they are smarter than everyone else and block popups just to make claims more easier for them.

For those reasons, all pending payments have been returned to balances and all future withdraw requests will be manually checked before being sent.

If you blocked more than 30% of ads or popups, you will not get paid !

ExpressCrypto payments will be processed daily,
FaucetPay payments will be processed every 2-3 days
CoinBase and Direct withdraws will be processed in batches! - This means that will be sent once 10-20 request are gathered at a time - this can take a day or can take a month

So chose based on how much you are willing to wait.

And for the love of God, stop blocking ads and popups or try to cheat in any way because you will not get your coins and you will have worked for nothing.

Nov 13, 2019 :: FaucetHub Closing
Hello there!

With the sad news of FaucetHub closing, we are looking to provide alternative methods of withdrawing your funds, that are acceptable by both you, the users and us, the site admins.

We have noticed that most users are migrating to ExpressCrypto, therefore we have added EC as a withdraw method alternative. You can find the link under your profile name.

For the moment, we will provide withdraw support for the following coins:
- BitCoin
- DogeCoin
- LiteCoin
- DigiByte
- Potcoin

Unfortunately, EC does not provide support for the following coins and for that reason, they will be discontinued:
- BitCore

Withdraws for these coins will be available only for FaucetHub until it closes.

We will probably add other coins that are available on EC, if you have any suggestions, please send an email.

Direct Withdraw

We are currently working and testing a direct withdraw option (ADDED).

For the moment, we will provide direct withdraw support for the following coins:
- BitCoin
- DogeCoin
- LiteCoin
- DigiByte

However, direct withdraw will come at a cost: minimum withdraw limits. But fortunately, there will be NO withdrawal fees!
This means that the amount of coins you request here will be exactly the amount that reaches your wallet!

The minimum withdraw limits will be:
- 0.0001 (or 10,000 sat) for BTC
- 0.014 (or 1,400,000 sat) for LTC
- 300 DOGE
- 125 DGB

Once you request a direct payment withdraw, it will be sent to a pending queue and will be processed to your wallet somewhere between 24 and 48 hours.

We will be looking into other coins (with small transaction fee) so, again, if you have any suggestions, please drop an email.

As a closing note, we will try to maintain FaucetHub balances as often as we can so you can still withdraw your coins there but we will mainly focus on ExpressCrypto.
This means that you will probably encounter Insufficient Funds errors while withdrawing to FH but we will try to keep balances there until FH will close.

Thank you for your support and happy claiming!

Apr 5, 2019 :: Site Updates
Hello there!

Faucet sites have became almost entirely dependent on shorteners in order to pay their users.

FreeBitcoin was sending users on random shorteners and paying equal for every visit, without having any control or general view about how many visits they were paying, what was their CPM and so on.

With the new updates, we can pay you close to what the shorteners are paying us, thus insuring a longer survival of the site.

Also, you can now choose which shorteners to visit and which to avoid if you dislike some of them.

Here are the updates you probably already noticed:

- Faucet and Daily Bonus pages are removed.

- Added ShortLink Wall.

- Added MoreTVTime. (currently low payout - their payments are disputable)

- Coins still available on site: BTC, LTC, DOGE, DGB, BTX. To be removed: XRM, ZEC, POT. Withdraw page for these coins will be avilable for the next 30 days.

- Loyalty Bonus is still active. Each day you visit a link, your general reward is increased by 1% till a maximum of 30%. Not visiting a link in more than 24 hours will reset the bonus to 1%.

- Weekly Bonus is also still active. Visit its page to join the marathon. Only the first three places are rewarded.

- Added Autofaucet . You can withdraw your balance through AutoFaucet or instantly through Blanaces/Withdraw.

Jun 24, 2018 :: Payments issues
Hello everyone!

I'm sure this isn't the first time you hear about this: earnings from ad networks have dropped A LOT!

It has become impossible to sustain a positive balance for all coins, at all times because payments from ad networks are not constant anymore.

This means that there will be a few days when a coin balance will be empty.

So, instead of seeing an "Insufficient funds" error when requesting a withdraw, your request will be marked as pending and as soon as funds are available, your payment will be cleared.

If, at some point, a coin's balance is more than sufficient, withdraws for that specific coin will be set to INSTANT.

I can assure you, I'm doing the best that I can to keep this site going even though a lot of you have decided to stop using this site once the minimum withdraw limit has been introduced.

The minimum limit has been set in place because, once a payment has been marked as pending, I will have to complete it manually and there are a few hundred payments to be cleared manually every day - which takes up a lot of time. If no limit was in place, there would have been a lot more requests, taking even more time to complete.

Bottom line, apart from payments being delayed 1-2 days, everything is working nicely. Closing the site is not going to happen, nor not paying your pending payment requests.

I hope you keep using this site. I know i will do my best to keep it alive for you! :)

I wish you all the best!

Jan 28, 2018 :: WebMINER Feature
Hello everyone!

I've added a new feature to the site: WebMINER !

At the moment, it's the highest reward webminer on the planet!

You get around 167 satoshi (BTC) for 1M confirmed hashes.


Dec 16, 2017 :: Page Updates: Popups
Hello everyone,

Here are a few updates:

Popup Settings

I know a lot of people hate having a lot of popups loading while they use this site but please remember that advertising income is what keeps this site running.

However, you can now choose how many popups you would like to see, and you will earn accordingly:

1 Popup will give you 50% of base reward while claiming a faucet and daily bonus will be disabled.
2 Popups will give you 85% of base reward and daily bonus will be enabled.
3 Popups or more will give you 150% of base reward and daily bonus will be enabled.

You can modify your ad options by visiting Your account name / Settings.

Account Block Warning

If the system dectects that you are using a Proxy / VPN or other means of hiding your real IP address, you will first get three warnings before your account will actually be blocked.

This feature is useful for honest people that simply forgot to change their network settings or didn't even know they're behind a Proxy.

To check if your IP is marked as Proxy / VPN, please visit

Also, when your account does get blocked, you will now see a reason WHY it actually got blocked.

Have fun!

Nov 26, 2017 :: Weekly Bonus
Hello everyone,

FreeBitcoin.Win has added a new feature for you to enjoy: Weekly Bonuses!

Every claim made on BTC Faucet is now counted from Monday morning to Sunday night and the first 3 most active users are rewarded:

1st Place: 75% bonus
2nd Place: 50% bonus
3rd Place: 25% bonus

This means that if you claimed this week 10,000 sat from the BTC Faucet and you are on 1st place, you will get a bonus of 7,500 sat added to your BTC balance on Sunday night.

Currently, we're only counted the BTC Faucet claims but we might add this feature for other faucets as well.

Have fun claiming! :)

Nov 15, 2017 :: Disabled Faucets
Hello everyone,

After a lot of analyzing, I've come to the conclusion that running so many faucets on a single domain is just too complicated and highly unprofitable.

Keeping a positive amount of coins in each balance is really too much time consuming and very expensive. For each coin i had to pay fee to deposit BTC to exchanger, fee to exchange, fee to transfer and fee to deposit. So it's basically just not worth it.

However, I've increased the earnings for the remaining coins and bonuses

So, in conclusion:

- DashCoin Faucet: Removed
- BlackCoin Faucet: Removed
- BitcoinCash Faucet: Removed
- PeerCoin Faucet: Removed
- PrimeCoin Faucet: Removed

I will keep an active balance for these coins untill Sunday, Nov 19 so you will be able to withdraw your earnings.

Remaining faucets and changes:

- Bitcoin (BTC) Faucet: Increased reward by 10%
- BitCore (BTX) Faucet: Increased reward by 10%
- DogeCoin (DOGE) Faucet: Increased reward by 10%
- LiteCoin (LTC) Faucet: Increased reward by 10%
- Ethereum (ETH) Faucet: Increased reward by 10%
- B3Coin (B3) Faucet: Increased reward by 10%

- Daily Bonus: Increased reward by 15% and increased daily limit to 75 (previously 50)

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Nov 8, 2017 :: Pre-claim B3Coins on FreeBitcoin.Win!
Hello everyone,

As announced on FaucetHub, a new coin will soon be added: B3Coin. FaucetHub will be supporting a total of 10 cryptocoins for its users to earn, making it the biggest microwallet in the world! :D

FreeBitcoin has added a B3Coin Faucet for you to pre-claim on. The rewards on this faucet are automatically set, based on B3 to USD value and currently, the value of B3 is low so you can pre-claim some nice, high rewards for the moment.

However, B3Coin is expected to rise in value, so the rewards on the faucet will be lowered accordingly. This is a chance to claim some cheap coins which will (probably) increase in value, making your earnings even bigger.

You can pre-claim your B3 coins and hold them into the FreeBitcoin balance untill FaucetHub will implement support for this new coin. Then, you will be able to generate a B3 Coin address, add it into the FreeBitcoin Wallets and withdraw your coins to FaucetHub. There, you can exchange them to BTC, withdraw them to an external wallet, whatever you want.

The exact time as of when B3Coin will be added to FaucetHub is unknown, but it will be added after block 80k. Currently it's at 74,483 and it's increasing by +1 block every 2-7 minutes, so, at this rate, it will reach block 80k in a few days. Check the block height at cryptoID.

Thank you and happy B3 claiming! :D

Nov 7, 2017 :: FaucetHub Hash Error
Hello everyone,

Due to a wrong setting in the script, the first registered users on the new platform had encountered an error such as FaucetHub HASH Error and therefore, they were unable to withdraw their funds.

If you ever encountered such an error, please go to your Wallets section, click the RESET ALL button, then add your wallet addresses again and you should be good to go!

Thank you!

Nov 5, 2017 :: Relaunch
Hello everyone,
I had an issue with the former hosting company and lost a big chunk of the old freebitcoin database, so instead of trying to repair it, I decided it was a better idea to upgrade the script all together and start fresh.

Old freebitcoin also had a lot of security issues and I was getting hit by bot attacks on a regular basis. I'm sure I'll still get hit by bots but at least, now I have more security features in place :).

As I was saying, a big part of the old database was lost, however, I still have the coin addresses and their balances. Therefore, if you had a significant amount of coins, please send me an email with the coin address on the old platform and your account name on the new platform and I'll transfer whatever funds you had there.

Please, email only if you had high referral earnings that you didn't withdraw recently - don't email for 15 satoshi. Thanks! :)

With this latest script update, I have a backup set in place so anything is to go wrong in the future, I can restore it on the spot and nothing will be lost again.

Thank you for your understanding and have fun!