Cryptocurrency faucet

What is a Crypto faucet

A crypto faucet is an app or a website like, that distributes small amounts of cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing easy tasks. They're given the name faucets because the rewards are small, just like small drops of water dripping from a leaky faucet.

However, in the case of crypto faucets, tiny amounts of free or earned cryptocurrency are sent to a user's wallet. In order to get free crypto, users need to complete tasks as simple as completing a captcha, clicking links, watching product videos, viewing ads, completing quizzes.

Are Crypto Faucets Worth It?

All Crypto faucets are pretty much profitable if used strategically.

You can earn small amount of tokens from few clicks.

Is the easiest and inexpensive way to earn free crypto online. No deposit is required.

ALY - is a name for a token than can be earned on the site doing tasks, claiming faucet, from admins, from giftbox etc or won on games. It can be changed in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc...

gALY - is a name for a token than can be used only in GAMES. When you play with gALY and win a game, you will receive ALY.
You may receive this tokens as bonus from games, from admins, from giftbox etc

pALY - is a name for a token than can be purchased and used to buy Premium, Advertising etc. Cannot be used in GAMES

There are a few different ways of increasing your tokens. You can refer new members to earn 20% of their claims, play games like dice and slots or earn passive income from staking.

What is the purpose of a crypto faucet?

Though cryptocurrencies have had a great last year, they are yet not completely mainstream and are still new to many people around the world. The idea behind crypto faucets is to give free cryptocurrencies to people so they would take the time to learn about digital assets and hopefully invest in them.

Introduced by senior Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen in 2010, Bitcoin faucets were developed to give a reward of 5 Bitcoins for completing simple tasks.

The purpose was to spread awareness about Bitcoin because the concept of cryptocurrency was very new. Another reason to start a free Bitcoin faucet was the limited availability of exchanges in the earlier days of cryptos — there were simply no exchanges, so buying Bitcoin was difficult.

Giving out free Bitcoins to people was a great incentive to get people interested in Bitcoin and drive its adoption, without having to risk any capital.