Terms and Rules

FreeBitcoin.Win is a multi-coin faucet where you can claim 6 cryptocoins:

Bitcoin DogeCoin
Ethereum LiteCoin
BitCore B3Coin

House Rules
1. Don't use a Proxy or VPNs.
2. Don't create multiple accounts.
3. Don't use wallet addresses from multiple FaucetHub accounts.
* Your account will be automatically blocked. Please be fair.

In order to claim the coins and take full advantage of this site, you need to create an account - it only takes a few seconds and it doesn"t require email confirmation. After you created your account, you need to add your coin addresses for each currency in order to be able to withdraw your earnings to FaucetHub. This makes claiming the faucets a lot more easier! You only need to do this ONCE and you can edit your addresses at any time.

Faucet and Daily Bonus Payouts Multiplier
FreeBitcoin.Win is rewarding its users based on country of residence and their ad settings preferences. This is not a practice that I'm happy with but unfortunately, it has become mandatory.

As you may or may not know, advertising networks are generating revenue based on quality of traffic, meaning that visitors from USA or Australia (Tier 1 Countries) will generate a higher revenue than users from Afganistan or Nigeria (Tier 4 Countries). Therefore, it's not fair for visitors to be paid an equal amount regardless of their geo-location.

As a result, I've came up with a multiplier system based on Country Tier, so visitors from Tier 1 countries are paid double (x2), while lower-revenue countries are only paid a third of the base reward (x0.4).

However, there is an advertising setting multiplier in place, which helps increase the multiplier by allowing more popups to be loaded. You can find it under your account / settings.
Setting the ad preferences to 'option 3', will increase the multipler by x1.5.

This means that an US resident with ad preferences set to '3', will receive a Faucet and Daily Bonus as follows:

Multiplier x2 for Tier 1 country (X)
Multiplier x1.5 for ad settings '3' =
Total multiplier of x3,

meaning he will get paid three times more the base reward.

In the opposite situation, a resident of a Tier 4 country with ad preferences set to '1', will receive a Faucet and Daily Bonus as follows:

Multiplier x0.4 for Tier 4 country (X)
Multiplier x0.75 for ad settings '1' =
Total multiplier of x0.3,

meaning he will get paid a quarter of the base reward.

** Multiplier is calculated using multiplication (x), not addition (+).

Referral Program
Earn more by promoting your referral link and earn 10%! You get an unique referral link and you earn every time your downline makes a claim, regardless of the coin. If your downline claims BTC, you get 10% in your BTC balance; if he claims DOGE, you get 10% in your DOGE balance and so on!

Extra Earnings
You can earn even more by visiting a long list of shorteners.
Choose the balance you want to receive your bonuses to and click the bonus button. You will have to solve a captcha and click the Skip Ad button and your earnings will be added to your selected balance instantly!

While you wait for the faucets to cooldown, you can play Dice and Slots and try to multiply your earnings.

Payments are sent to FaucetHub upon request. You can request a payment at anytime as there is no minimum threshold limit.

Note: In case you get an Insufficient funds, it means that the balance for that specific coin is dry and will be refilled very soon. It"s pretty difficult to maintain balances for every coin but I will try to make sure no coin balance will stay empty for more than 24 hours. Meanwhile, continue to use the faucet as usual, your earnings will be safely kept in the faucet balance and you will be able to withdraw them as soon as the FaucetHub balance will be refilled.