Where am I?

FreeBitcoin.win is a high-paying bitcoin faucet. Claims are dispensed at various predetermined intervals of time.


FreeBitcoin.win is helping by introducing new users to the bitcoin world. It provides free coins so users can experiment with bitcoin wallets and transactions before actually buying bitcoins with real money.

The whole bitcoin experience can be a bit complicated to new users so faucets like this are a great way of experimenting with bitcoin and promoting digital currency to new users.

What do I need to claim this faucet?

First of all, you will need a digital currency wallet for bitcoin. Head over at Bitcoin Wallets sections, choose one and create an account. This will generate your first bitcoin address.

FreeBitcoin.win uses FaucetHub as a payment processor. So, next, you will need to create an account over at FaucetHub and use your wallet bitcoin address to create a new account there.

Finally, use that bitcoin address to make a claim here, at FreeBitcoin.win.

FreeBitcoin.win Faucet features:

  • Claim between 100 – 500 coins every 30 minutes.
  • Earn more through the referral program: 30% of every claim.
  • Member registration is required to keep your coins safe until withdrawal.
  • Minimum threshold is 10,000 coins – you need to reach it in order to have the coins transferred to FaucetHub.
  • Seniority feature:
    – After 10 days as a returning user, you get an extra 15% on each claim you make.
    – After 20 days as a returning user, you get an extra 30% on each claim you make.
    – After 30 days as a returning user, you get an extra 45% on each claim you make.

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